My busy days
08.12.2008. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

My busy days

What can I say? My days are not that versatile. I take usual inspections in Missylandia, notice every change there is.

Today an unidentified flying object entered without permission into our territories. As General of the Army of Missylandia, I commanded my troops to bring the enemy down. Tiny Lady as a brave soldier forced the UFO to lower altitudes, and I personally finished it off. TL said that there will be times when more UFOs (referred to as flies by TL) will enter our territories, so we have to build a better defense system. We'll see, I think to create a better bed for me is far more important. Anyway, as gratitude to TL's bravery, I honored her with the right to play ball with me.

Finally, I usually find myself a suitable bed substitute; during the day TL has to serve as one,

while in the late evenings after TL retires, Checkered Shirts is the chosen winner of the award.

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