Busy lately
15.12.2008. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

Busy lately

I haven't written to you for a long time. I have been preoccupied with official duties: I had envoys visiting in Missylandia to strengthen the relations between us and their respective kingdoms.

The envoys of Queen Elisabeth II of the United Kingdom were negotiating my future state visit in February. Sir Pet-a-lot - a well experienced jet captain - taught me how to fly

while we were exchanging pleasantries with Lady Pet-a-lot.

I enjoyed their visit thoroughly.

I welcomed

the representative of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. The lady on his side, a local oil sheik, was especially gentle to me.

I also formed a stronger interracial friendship with two of my people, Teddy Abdul of Dubai

and Teddy Chin of Malaysia.

All these events made me very tired so I retired quite early.

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