A Queen's strict schedule
07.02.2009. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

A Queen's strict schedule

A queen's life is running after a strict schedule. The program points include training, self development in different skills like hunting, hiding, attacking, self defense. By the end of the day I get very tired, especially when the historian of the royal court follows me around and tries to immortalize all my activities. See a day of mine for yourselves.

Regular hygiene: I am fond of personal hygiene. I know that a lady washes her paws before and after eating as well as keeps her delicate and elegant fur coats clean.

Different training activities: Sit mens sana in corpore sano i.e. a sound mind in a sound body. I do general gymnastics to keep myself fit. Here you can see (almost) some triple somersaults with double twists. Nadia Comăneci would have considered me her biggest rival.

When you are hunting hiding comes handy. See how I am doing it in a training tube

and in other equipments

My bodyguards insist on me taking self defense classes. I train with/on Tiny Lady

Being cutiful: But I am not that bad. Checkered Shirts says I am cutiful (cute+beautiful). Here you go.

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