08.03.2009. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

Dear Reader,

I have not written for a while. It is because I went on an official trip to Pet-a-lot Land at the end of February. The visit was very successful and also very instructive as I could learn about new things, new habits and hobbies. I found the hobby "watching cricket" especially interesting. That was a daily program for me as a cricket game can last for hours if not days. They run after the ball just like I do. Great fun.

I was writing regularly to Tiny Lady and Checkered Shirts, so that they knew what was going on.

Here is one of my e-mails.


Well today has been great, as soon as light was in the sky I jumped on bed a lot until they woke up and played with me, I thought they would like to get up early as it was a Sunday, games and stroking all morning and I discovered stairs to the sky room where I can watch the birds, although invisible barrier stops me playing with them. So tired after lunch that I was pleased they went out for a walk so I could rest, great joke because I hid under cushions in sky room where it was warm for a sleep and Sir and Lady could not find me when they got back and got so worried I somehow had escaped - he he he.

Shared myself between laps this evening just to be fair and here is a picture for you to see.

Time for sleep soon, I hope tomorrow will be good too and then I can look forward to seeing you and going home

Love from Missy"

Affectionate, don't you think?

Since my return, life is back to normal. I play a lot and now I have become big enough to expand my diet with soft food, which is the highlight of the day. I think I am happy in Missylandia.

xoxo, Queen Missy of Missylandia

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