12.04.2009. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia


This is my first Easter, and I am enjoying it thoroughly. As a present from the Bunny, I got several cans of soft food, and they are of the highest quality. I know this, because I am only served a bit at a time , like in a French restaurant. Well, I know the intention of the Bunny was good, but he could have given me a cheaper version so that Tiny Lady and Checkered Shirts served me a lot of it.

The weather is nice and warm. Sometimes even too warm, so I have to cool myself down, even though I do not particularly like water.

However that well, which the water is coming from, is very interesting. If I did not have such a busy schedule, I could sit and look at the running water all day long. TL says it costs money, and we need to think of the environment. The first argument I cannot relate to, but the second one I find important, because if the environment is ruined all the other animals cannot survive.

Even though, I am not the Easter Bunny, I still wish You a Happy Easter. I am so excited, tomorrow both me and Tiny Lady are going to be sprayed with perfume by Checkered Shirts. I hope the perfume will smell of "turkey with liver marinade." This is the egg, I am going to give him. I am sure he is going to love it.

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