18.07.2009. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

As the visitors left, it was just me and Checkered Shirts in the palace during daytime this week. It felt pretty empty, also because there were a lot less people to give me attention. I had to entertain myself. I snatched one of the shirts of Checkered Shirts and was running around with it using it as a cape. Great fun.

Even though I am the Queen and he is a poor servant, I still like him. He is OK, and his shirts smell so nice.

What I do not like is when he is vacuuming. I have to hide somewhere. Tiny Lady in her long dress just came handy, so I was hiding under her skirt while Checkered Shirts was slaving for a clean palace.

This week I was also playing in a simulator. You are sitting in a room and you see flying rats (pigeons) going about their daily business nearby, and you have to look very vicious and hunt them away.

It is good training for real life.

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