Florance Nightingale - I am
05.05.2010. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

Florance Nightingale - I am

The other day Checkered Shirts has gotten ill. He had something with the tummy and he was freezing all the time. Tiny Lady said he had very high fever. I felt so sorry for him. I decided to show the old fool that I cared, so I turned into Florance Nightingale and stayed the whole time with him lying next to him to warm him up, purring to cure him.

My efforts did not go to waste, as he got better the following day; consequently he had time to play with me. My favorite game is to play with the palm tree leaves Tiny Lady cut down for me. Those are fun to chase.

Well, the fact is that I am still getting rid of my winter attire. I am pleased that both Tiny Lady and Checkered Shirts glove me quite often which speeds up the process. This is what they collect in 5 minutes.

full of hair

I hope they take good care of it and make a nice and fluffy blanky for me from it. My furcoat is so very soft.

Anyway, I gotta go take my siesta. What do you think which place I should choose?

Under the blanky like here:

Missy taking siesta

or on top of Belvedere

Missy taking siesta on top of Belvedere

You should take a rest as well.

Queen Missy of Missylandia

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