A new report
17.04.2011. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

A new report

TL handed in her doctorate work to the Science Academy of Missylandia, so now I have better chance to get to the computer. What can I tell you of new stuff? I am enjoying my life to the fullest, except for those occasions when I am taken down to the garden for fresh air.

Beeeh, I do not like it.

Missy hates the garden

My physician prescribed these walks for me, but I am not willing to set foot on the dirty ground there, I have to be carried around in my transport box.

Otherwise I am busy-busy-busy. I am commuting between my weekend residence.

Missy in her weekend residence

Missy in her weekend residence

and the main palace, where I have discovered a new favorite spot:

Missy's new favorite place

Easter is coming up soon, next week to be precise. Last year I organized a rabbit convention. Now I decided I am going to be the bunny. I started practicing already. Do I look like one?

Missy trying to resemble a rabbit

Anyway, I wish you a Happy Easter.

Queen Missy of Missylandia

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