Refugee in Missylandia
05.05.2011. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

Refugee in Missylandia

Since life is going very well in Missylandia, I have decided that it was time to open our borders a bit for those less fortunate. Shortly after I have declared my willingness to home some refugees, one came along. She was sick, malnourished with infections. I instructed my physician to check her out and do everything in her power to heal the poor soul. So they did and after a short treatment and a lot of rest

Refugee in Missylandia

the new citizen of Missylandia has recuperated.

Unfortunately, her soul is still troubled though, probably because of her past. She does not like cats, only humans, as if humans were better than cats, actually it is the other way around. Whenever I try to get close to her and try to show her my goodwill she hisses at me. Also whenever she hears the cats from outside the palace she is growling. I have noticed that she has a broken tooth and a toe missing. In her homeland other cats must have tortured her. I cannot do anything about the toe, but I will fix her up with Dacadia for a porcelain crown. Since she would not tell me her name, I decided to call her Lizzy, because of her lizardy tail, which is long and thin.

Here is a picture of her in Belvedere. Yes, I am so nice that I allow her to use Belvedere as well.

Lizzy in Belvedere

Hence for the time being I am spending my time in my weekend residence.

Queen Missy in her weekend residence

I am a patient Queen, so I am hoping that the soul of Lizzy will heal soon and she will understand how grateful she should be that I allowed her to settle in Missylandia.

I will be back with more later.

Queen Missy of Missylandia

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