This week's events
05.06.2011. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

This week's events

On one of my patrols,

Missy patrol

I have noticed the following scenes:

Lizzy caught a bird

Lizzy dissected a mouse

In a short period of time Lizzy not only caught a flying bird, but also killed and dissected a mouse. Not that I mind her doing that, and it was high time for her to make herself useful. I still found it a bit odd, how a poor refugee could be so skillful in the hunt. I put her up for an interrogation and it turned out that Lizzy is an Amazon princess fighter. In her country princesses are also soldiers, and fighters. But when the drought came, the famine killed most of her countrymen; she had to leave her country and try to make ends meet by being on the road. During her wandering she came across a lot of evil. This is how she lost her toe and broke a tooth. She was almost giving up when she found Missylandia. By now she gained her confidence. This shows in the fact, that she became a squatter in my weekend residence.

Lizzy squatter 


A lot of things happened this week. I have made a very good friend: Her name is Bagira, and she paid me a visit in Missylandia. We were drinking Missypolitan and enjoying life. The picture is courtesy of Bagira. Thank you Bagira for your visit.

Bagira's visit in Missylandia

I have decided to check out how it is to be checkered shirts.

Missy Checkered Shirts

It felt nice. I think I am going to change my silver blue coat to checkered. Do you think it is a good idea?

Next week I am on vacation with my other new friend Fruska. We are going to a wellness hotel. I will be back with more later.

Queen Missy of Missylandia

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