Vote for me on Goldenblog
12.08.2011. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

Vote for me on Goldenblog

Goldenblog is THE national blog competition in Hungary. Since Missylandia is an autonomous area of Hungary, I have decided to join the competition. Everyone, who likes my blog and has a Facebook login can vote for me.To do so, follow the following easy steps:

1. go to

2. on the top right hand side you will see a button: "SZAVAZZ MOST" - click on it

3. Choose the last category "Egyéb blogok"

4. Find: "The Diary of Queen Missy, the Monarch of Missylandia" and click this one

5. Login to Facebook

6. Press "Szavazok"

If you have done it right, you will receive a post on your Facebook wall, saying that you have endorsed my blog.

Thanks to all my friends!

It is super important for me, it is a very prestigious competition, so VOTE!



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