A summery autumn
01.10.2011. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

A summery autumn

This September has been very warm ad sunny. It has been lovely lying around in the sunrays coming into the palace. We have enjoyed it thoroughly. I have brought you a montage of us enjoying every bit of the sun. The bonus picture is one which the servants call Tatort (German for the place where a crime was committed). We’ve been caught.

Missy and Lizzy enjoying the sun

Then I can also report to you that Lizzy and I are becoming better friends. I am still jealous sometimes and attacking her, but it is more for fun than serious. We like to run around in the palace and play catch me if you can.

Next week there will be a cat exhibition. I will send the servants so they purchase some Malt Soft for us, as we have run out. The food delivery has arrived and to the great happiness of the Finance Minister it cost less than buying it in the store. So now we have sufficient supplies of tasty food. Due to the good nourishment Lizzy has grown, gained a bit of weight and her fur has become shiny and thick. She looks really good.

I hope you are well as well
Queen Missy of Missylandia

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