29.10.2011. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia


Our life in Missylandia is going according to the usual. I am very busy with ruling and Lizzy has adapted to our customs very well. By now she has learnt the sounds of everyday life. For example, when someone belonging to the palace enters through the downstairs gate, the system makes a ringing sound. I know that and I go to the door to await the visitor. Now Lizzy is joining me as well. Or when the morning alarm clock rings, Lizzy knows just as much as I do, that it is soft food time. She also learnt that we get soft food three times a day in the morning, at around 13:30 and in the evening around 17:30.

Missy and Lizzy eating dinner

We do play a lot, Lizzy's favorite toy is the stick from the palm tree.

Playing with palm stick

I think we have found the ultimate nutrition for us. Every since my childhood I have been fighting with regular regurgitation. We tried several kibbles, but it seems that the mixture of Royal Canin Intense Hairball 34 and Hill's Science Plan Sensitive Stomach solved the issue. I haven't had to vomit in the past 3 weeks.

The sanitary manager of the palace decided to change the gravel we use, as it stuck to our feet and we carried it everywhere. They purchased a premium litter, but it is even worse than the old one, now they have to vacuum - which I hate big time - almost every day. So we are on the lookout for a gravel which is cost-effective, with good sanitary features, no dust and will not stick to our feet.

Missy reclaimed weekend residence

I have reclaimed my old weekend residence from Lizzy. So now, when we are having our rest, we both spend it in our respective weekend palaces.

Lizzy looking beautiful

Lizzy has grown such a luscious fur, it is very dense and shiny. She is clearly prepared for the winter. I have also put on my winter coat, but - most probably due to the fact, that I have been living in the palace for 3 years - it is a lot less dense than Lizzy's.

Lizzy with thick fur

I hope you are prepared for the winter. Take care.
Queen Missy of Missylandia

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