January: a lot to account for
29.01.2012. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

January: a lot to account for

January is almost over, and I still have not written in the blog. Now, I will make up for it.

New Year's Eve was OK. The servants were in the palace to make sure we were not scared by the bombs and rockets outside. I had no problems with them as I knew nothing could happen to me in the palace. Lizzy on the other hand was terrified. She was under the dining table the whole time. The servants put her favorite blanket under the table to soothe her, but she did not dare to come out. She spent the evening and night under the table, only came out afterwards.
During January things got back to normal. Tiny Lady went back to work Lizzy and I were at home with CS. I registered myself on catster.com. This is my page: http://www.catster.com/cats/1217734 I have met some very nice kitties in the Russian Blue Lounge. We have a game, where they post two hints regarding a city and you have to guess the city. The one that guesses right gets to travel to that city. This way I have already been to Toronto, Baton Rouge and Denver. I have also been to New York for our New Years party with the RBL. It was so much fun.
These are the proofs of me travelling.

Me in Toronto:

Missy in Toronto

Me and Lizzy on our way to Manhattan:

Missy and Lizzy on their way to New York

The other day Lizzy discovered the arrow of the computer mouse. She gets all excited when she sees it move around on the screen. She tries to catch it, but cannot. What a naive kitty, she is.

Lizzy computing

We got a new toy. It is called Da Bird. The servants had to order it from England, as you cannot buy it in Missylandia. It is manufactured in the US. The shop they bought it from is excellent: http://www.purrsinourhearts.co.uk/shop/ Within five days after payment, we had the products. And a part of the price goes to cats in need. We enjoy playing with that toy. It is a stick with a thread and some feathers at the end. But the feathery part flies as if it was a real bird, hence the name. It spins in the air. I ran after it so much that I was out of breath - you know that heavy breathing sound. I had to sit down and collect myself.

We were also playing a lot with other stuff. Lizzy got me hooked on water again.

Missy and Lizzy with water

I have also gotten a new recommendation from Jasmine on catster. She suggested my bowl shall be elevated, that will stop my regurgitation problem. Checkered Shirts built me tables from cardboard boxes and TL put my bowls on top of those. So far so good.

Also we have gotten new dry food: Orijen and a new shipment of Royal Canin Ultra Light. We like the sensitive but we are just crazy about the Ultra Light. We polish the bowls completely.

The weather has been nice so far. Sunshine and not too cold. Next week is going to be very cold though. Here is a collage of us enjoying the sun. Guess which picture is showing who?

Missy and Lizzy in the sun

These were the happenings at our end. What is up with you? You can comment - you know. Please, let me know you care and I am not just writing into the ether.

Queen Missy of Missylandia

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