May Report
03.06.2012. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

May Report

Where shall I start?

I did not write in May. I was too busy travelling around with the Catster Bootiful Blues, receiving visitors from Denmark and running my daily errands. We did celebrate Lizzy’s arrival to Missylandia on the 21st of April. She got cheese rollies, which she absolutely adores. You can blackmail her with that stuff to allow furdressing. I on the other hand demand furdressing on my own. If CS or TL are too busy, I even allow TL’s mom to glove me, she has come a long way from not really liking me to providing me the much needed gloving.

Missy getting gloved

I was checked out thoroughly by the vet. I got ultrasound done and blood taken to figure out why I am throwing up once a week. The results came back negative, we were relieved. No problems, I am healthy. I took the 30 minute ultrasound examination and the blood taking without one peep. As a reimbursement the servants had a special kind of treat for us. Valerian wrapped in cloths. Boy that smelled good (TL is saying it stinks, but she is entitled to her opinion). We made sure we had it all over on our fur and the carpets. Lizzy fell asleep on top of her pad.

Rush of Valerian

The vet said I was throwing up because of too much fur in my stomach. So the nutritionist decided to switch me from Temptations to Anti hairball crunchies as a snack. It might be working cause I have not thrown up for more than three weeks.

Then it was Lizzy’s turn to go to the vet. She was quite vocal about it. I did tell her to keep her mouth shut, it does not help to complain, but as always she would not listen. She got vaccination and they noticed her gums were a tiny bit more reddish around the root of the teeth, so the vet recommended ProDen’s Plaque off powder, with is an all-natural seaweed product. The results will show in a month or so. I will keep you posted.

Lizzy will have to go back to the vet in June for more vaccination and one of my shots has to be redone in June too.

I leave you with this video showing me in the window admiring the summer view of my courtyard. Enjoy.

Queen Missy of Missylandia

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