04.11.2012. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia


October was very busy. In the beginning, on the 6th to be precise, we were celebrating the founding of Missylandia. In Catster terms it is called gotcha day. It implies that my servants got me on that day when in reality it was me who decided to enslave them on that day. And they could not have been happier. I got this wonderful picture from Bugsy and the Russian Blues Lounge as concatulation gift.

Missylandia celebrates Queen Missy

Then we were travelling again. We went to the Galapagos Islands where we were chased by the huge turtles

Galapagos Islands

then visited my bff: Ishtar, in Berlin. It was wonderful.

Visiting Ishtar in Berlin

A week later or so the whole lounge went to Boston. That was before Sandy, we had wonderful weather and the company was purrfect too.

In Boston

Our Halloween pawty was very spooky

Halloween - trick or treat

We ended the month with loads of treats.
I hope you also had a wonderful October. Let us see what November brings us. We already had our first snowfall, but it melted right away. In the name of all inhabitants in Missylandia I wish you a nice autumn!

Missy autumn beauty

Lizzy Chillaxing

Queen Missy of Missylandia

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