Last months of winter
24.03.2013. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

Last months of winter

Wow, a lot of time has passed since I wrote in the blog last time. I know, I know , I should be better in updating it. I was busy. I signed up for a Beauty Pageant of Cats. The main prize of the competition is that the winners get to be part of a calendar. I was busy collecting votes. I got a lot of votes: 883 to be precise. That was enough to come in second in my class. Yay! Thanks for everyone for voting for me. I am very happy you think so highly of me, not that you could do otherwise . This means that six participants of the calendar is already set. The other six are decided by the financial supporters of the competition, so I still have a chance to show my beauty in the calendar of 2014. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Then we were busy enjoying our new toy the Turbo Scratcher and playing hide and seek with the guests, who visited us in February.

Missy winter fun

The weather started getting a little bit better in March, so we had some days when we could enjoy the sun and some well-deserved fur-care time.

Missy fur-care

Easter is coming up. We hope The Bunny will visit us and bring us many eggs.

We wish all of you a Very Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

Queen Missy of Missylandia

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