The last two month
03.08.2013. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

The last two month

Time goes by so fast. I hardly blinked or cleaned my fur and it is August already. It felt like we slept through June, because I do not even remember what happened in that month.

Missy and Lizzy in June

I know that at the end of that month, we got visitors, CS’ parents were here for a week. Those were fun times. We got caressed and gloved a lot, they played with us. The sun was shining; we were in the center of attention, so July started purrrrrfectly for us.

Missy and Lizzy in July 2013

They discovered a new type of treats for us: little sausages that we love very much. Lizzy is crazy about it, when she hears the wrapper crinkle she comes running and she is shoving the pieces into her mouth, and not even chewing them, swallowing them as fast as she possibly can. I eat it with more grace of course, they have to slice the sausages into small pieces for me, serve it on my plate at my table. I keep telling Lizzy she should behave more like a lady, but she is very stubborn.
After our visitors left, things got back to normal. We get up around 4 o’clock, do our daily jogging. Then we wait until the servants are willing to roll out of bed. We demand breakfast usually around 5:30. My way is to stand next to TL and tell her firmly, that I think it is time for her to wake up. Lizzy on the other hand is a lot more gentle, she starts purring and making biscuits for TL. We do not bother trying to wake up CS, because he is a heavy sleeper. So after breakfast I demand gloving, Lizzy wants to drink from the faucet, because it is so much more refreshing. When CS is ready to wake up and work, we help him: Lizzy by sleeping, me by arranging his papers or typing things on his computer. Our lunch is usually at 11:30. In the afternoon we rest, until TL returns to the palace. Lizzy greets her at the elevator. Apropos elevator, Lizzy went out to greet TL the other day. TL said hello and came into the palace, in the meantime Lizzy went down the stairs and ended up on third floor. She got scared; she did not know where she was. She was crying very loud and TL came to her rescue, but Lizzy was so terrified that when she saw the entrance of Missylandia, wriggled herself out of TL’s arms scratching her up pretty badly and ran in. Ever since, she did not try to go down the stairs.

Two days ago a little boy came to visit us. I did not trust him at all, when he came to me to give me those yummy sausages, I ran away and hid under the curtains. Lizzy was very friendly with him and willing to eat from his palm. I am quite wary of visitors. How about you?
It is August now, we have to see what life will bring to us.

Missy and Lizzy in August 2013

I know for sure that my birthday is coming up at the end of August, we will be celebrating that. I think since Lizzy’s birthday is unknown, we will be celebrating her birthday the same day too. I hope we will get a nice meat cake or some other kind of nice treat.

What are your plans for the month?

Queen Missy of Missylandia

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