September and October
03.11.2013. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

September and October

Long time since I reported on anything. Time flies so fast. In September the servants went on vacation, and we had TL’s mom attending to all our needs. She was nice, we enjoyed spending time with her. Also we invited all our Catster furiends for a pawty.
The calendar arrived in September too, look how beautiful it turned out.

Missy Ms September

In October we celebrated the founding of Missylandia. That was when I arrived and proclaimed my rule over Checkered Shirts and Tiny Lady.
I participated in my first official Halloween pawty with my furiends from Catster. It was pawsome.

The weather was very nice so far, lots of sunshine, that we were enjoying to the fullest.

Missy 2013 september

Lizzy 2013 august

Today, however the weather has changed, it was raining the whole day. So it is nap season.
Queen Missy

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