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14.04.2014. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

Blog moved is closing and the blogs are being moved over to Unfortunately due to the move the skins are lost. We are currently working on redesigning the look of our blog so that it resembles the one on Please bear with us!

We have been very busy anyways: due to the renovation works in Missylandia, we had to temporarily relocate to a smaller palace. It was nice there, it had a huge balcony which we were allowed to go out to. That was fun. Of course we were longing to get back to our home. We will upload some photos later showing how we were coping with the temporary circumstances. Luckily the whole thing is over, we are happy to report we are back in Missylandia. It looks and smells different, so there are lots of things to discover, but it is our home.

We are having visitors at the moment. CS' parents are here, to help us settle back to Missylandia and celebrate Easter. This means lots of gloving and loving.

How is your life? Anything new to report on your end?

Queen Missy of Missylandia

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