Gift package from Bugsylie and Tate
23.07.2014. by: Queen Missy of Missylandia

Gift package from Bugsylie and Tate

Yesterday we were in for a great surprise. Someone rang the doorbell and we went into hiding as usual. I heard CS talk to the guys and thank him for some delivery. When he was gone we came forward from our hiding places. It was a package just for us two sent by Bugsylie, his meowmy, Tate and his meowmy.

When TL got home we opened the package. The scent and sight was wonderful. We got key chains, magnets, picture frames, post cards, kitty toys and Tate's meowmy made specially for us some catnip pads and kickers. We were drooling all over the package before TL and CS could open the bags.



Then the fun continued

And the crinkly paper the things were wrapped in ...

It is all mine.

Thank you so much Bugsylie and Tate for this package. It is so huge you sent all these things from so far away to us. You have made us extremely happy.

I hope you also have such wonderful furiends, as I do. Furiends are the best thing in the world (after soft food, catnip, cat toys) :-)

Queen Missy of Missylandia

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